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Zero config VPN to access your Umbrel from anywhere

Tailscale Inc.

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About this app

Tailscale is zero config VPN that creates a secure network between your Umbrel and your other devices. Even when separated by firewalls or subnets, Tailscale just works. Tailscale will assign your Umbrel a stable IP and an auto-assigned domain that stays consistent, no matter what network your Umbrel is connected to. It’s like a local network that works everywhere. Tailscale builds on top of WireGuard®’s Noise protocol encryption, a peer-reviewed and trusted standard.

What's newVersion v1.56.1

This release updates Tailscale from v1.52.0 to v1.56.1 which includes: - improve responsiveness under load, especially with bidirectional traffic - improve UPnP portmapping - add tailscale whois subcommand to observe metadata associated with a Tailscale IP - include tailnet name and profile ID in tailscale switch --list to disambiguate profiles with common login names - and many more improvements/fixes.. Full release notes and detailed information is available at https://github.com/tailscale/tailscale/releases