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About this app

Snort is a client for Nostr that is built using React, designed to be fast and lightweight while still offering a wide range of features. Our focus is on providing users with an easy-to-use interface to interact with the Nostr network, making it accessible to all types of users. With its clean and intuitive design, Snort makes it simple to navigate the Nostr network and access its features, allowing users to efficiently manage their data.

What's newVersion v0.1.23

## Added - DeepL translate api (Automatic for PRO subscribers) - Add nostr:nprofile1qqsydl97xpj74udw0qg5vkfyujyjxd3l706jd0t0w0turp93d0vvungfgfewr to contributors - Proxy LN address type enabled on Nostr Address settings pages - Infinite scrol on notifications page - Default 0.5% ZapPool rate for Snort donation address - Collect relay metrics in `@snort/system` for better relay selection algo in Outbox Model (NIP-65) - New sign up / login flow! - Topics / Mute words on sign up for easier onboarding - Drag & Drop for uploads on note creator - nostr:nprofile1qqs8tchhwf5smv3r2g0vkswz58c837uu456x59m3dh380gtrhqzydeqz4wlka - Mixin topics (hashtags) into timeline feed - Language specific trending posts - Show following info for hashtags - Sync preferences to network (`NIP-78` support) - Trending hashtags page - Note creator hashtag input - Top trending hashtags on note creator - Social Graph - nostr:nprofile1qqsy2ga7trfetvd3j65m3jptqw9k39wtq2mg85xz2w542p5dhg06e5qpr9mhxue69uhhyetvv9ujuumwdae8gtnnda3kjctv9uh8am0r - New users relay list based off "close" relays - `NIP-96` support for nostr native image/file uploaders - Write replies/reactions to `p` tagged users read relays (Outbox model) - Sync joined public chats (`NIP-28`) using `PublicChatList` kind `10_005` ## Changed - Read/Write relays only on kind `10_002` (NIP-65) - Removed `nostr.watch` code for adding new users to random relays - Render kind `10_002` on profile relays tab - `@snort/system` using eventemitter3 for triggering events - Use latest `NIP-51` spec (Bookmarks/Interests/`NIP-28` PublicChatList) - `nreq` support (Demo) - Write profile/relays to blasters - `@snort/system` automated outbox model (automatic fetching of relay metadata) ## Fixes - Upgrade ephermal connection to non-ephemeral - Remove relay tag from zaps (Some zap services dont support it) - Fix zap parsing for goals - Remove extra chars from quoted events to fix loading (`'s` etc) - CSS Fixes for profile card on light theme - Zap counting on replacable events - `NIP-28` chats loading - Overflowing modal UI - Live stream widget layout with long titles - Notifications marker has returned from its long slumber https://git.v0l.io/Kieran/snort/compare/v0.1.19...v0.1.23

  • Versionv0.1.23
  • CategorySocial
  • Source codePublic
  • Developed bySnort
  • Submitted bySnort
  • Compatible withumbrelOS 0.5 or later