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~mopfel-winrux & ~sitful-hatred

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About this app

Urbit is a personal server for self-sovereign personal & networked computing. Nock, a functional combinator, is built into Hoon, a system programming language, used to implement Arvo, a deterministic operating system, that communicates over Ames, a decentralized, encrypted P2P network. This app helps you boot and manage Urbit instances on your Umbrel. It provides a simple management GUI, start and stop operations, and passes your +code through the interface. If you are interested in purchasing an L2 planet checkout: subject.network/buy Credit to ~timluc-miptev, ~master-forwex, ~sipsen-pilser & ~rivpyl-sidfyl

What's newVersion v3.0

The big ticket items for this vere release include the epoch system, support for persistent nock caching, informal pings and MDNS local routing. The epoch system is functional immediately after upgrading to vere-v3.0, the other features are reliant on the 411k release slated for ~2024.3.18. This release is not backwards compatible with vere-v2.12 and earlier. A ship cannot be downgraded after upgrading to vere-v3.0. Epoch System: The epoch system cuts the previously uniform event log into “epochs” associated with a specific runtime version. The epochs are represented as directories in the file system. Here is an example of epochs under the Foundation galaxy ~deg that has been running the vere-v3.0 pre-release for a while: bash ls ./deg/.urb/log/ 0i0 0i95419173 0i98550959 0i99182407 0i99543593 data.mdb lock.mdb Each epoch folder is identified by an event number and includes a snapshot and a part of the event log. If the snapshot of a ship gets corrupted the ship may have to replay; the epoch system makes this process more pleasant since the ship no longer has to replay the entire event log. A replay can be initiated from the latest valid epoch, significantly speeding up the process. The latest snapshot for a ship is situated in the latest epoch, 0i99543593 in the above case. All other epochs are safe to relocate elsewhere or even delete. The default behavior for the epoch system is to create a new epoch every time the vere runtime version changes. A user may also manually create a new epoch by using the urbit roll command. The urbit chop command now deletes all epochs except for the last two. Full release notes here: https://github.com/urbit/vere/releases/tag/vere-v3.0