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Uptime Kuma

Self-hosted uptime monitoring tool

Louis Lam

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About this app

Uptime Kuma is a self-hosted monitoring tool like Uptime Robot. Features: - Monitoring uptime for HTTP(s) / TCP / HTTP(s) Keyword / Ping / DNS Record / Push / Steam Game Server. - Fancy, Reactive, Fast UI/UX. - Notifications via Telegram, Discord, Gotify, Slack, Pushover, Email (SMTP), and 70+ notification services. - 20 second intervals. - Multi Languages - Simple Status Page - Ping Chart - Certificate Info

What's newVersion 1.23.7

⚠️ Due to a security fix in this update, all login sessions will be logged out after updating to this version. If you are using some unofficial/3rd party tools, you may need to re-generate an auth token. This release updates Uptime Kuma from version 1.23.3 to 1.23.7. 💇‍♀️ Improvements: - Show the original timeout message again and +10 seconds for abort signal - Improved error message on abort signal timeout (Thanks @chakflying) 🐛 Bug Fixes: - Fixed a memory leak issue. Close the client postgresql connection after rejection. (Thanks @mvaled) - Reverted "Restart running monitors if no heartbeat", which causes some issues from 1.23.4 to 1.23.6. ⬆️ Security Fixes - An XSS issue in the "Google Analytics ID" text field (Reported by @gtg2619) (Read more: GHSA-v4v2-8h88-65qj) - Rewrite Tailscale ping using spawnSync (Reported by @vaadata-pascala) (Read more: GHSA-v4v2-8h88-65qj) - getGameList, testChrome are no longer accessible without login Full changelog for versions 1.23.3 to 1.23.7 can be found here: https://github.com/louislam/uptime-kuma/releases