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About this app

Operating a Lightning node requires a lot of work. You need to monitor your channels, rebalance them, keep track of your fees and much more. With Torq, you can collect and analyze your data with increasingly advanced tools. Features: - Advanced decision engine for automation. Create your own logic visually through workflows. - Notifications via Telegram, Discord and Slack (with advanced logic and templating) - Fast even with more than 1000 channels. - Advanced charts and visualizations of aggregated forwarding statistics - Manage multiple nodes at once. - Filter, sort and group data - Stores all events from your node including HTLC events, fee rate changes and channel enable/disable events - Store custom table views configurations for quickly finding the right information - Fetch and analyse data from any point in time - Navigate through time (days, weeks, months) to track your progress - Tag channels and nodes with custom labels (Exchange, Routing node, Sink, Source, or anything else)

What's newVersion v1.4.3

Torq v.1.4.3: List of changes: - Improve CLN's funds performance - Fix CLN payments import - Fix DST problem in profit chart - Update of packages i.e. Open-Telemetry, gRPC, cobra, ... - Reduce logging - Fix UUID bug on payment page

  • Versionv1.4.3
  • CategoryBitcoin
  • Source codePrivate
  • Developed byTorq
  • Submitted byTorq
  • Compatible withumbrelOS 0.5 or later
  • Requires
    Icon of Lightning Node on Umbrel App StoreLightning Node