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Core Lightning

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About this app

Get started with the Lightning network today with Core Lightning - a Lightning Network implementation focusing on spec compliance and performance. The Lightning Network allows ultra cheap and almost instant Bitcoin transactions. By running a Lightning node, you can not only self-custody your Bitcoin on Lightning, but also earn sats by routing payments on the network. Core Lightning and Application powered by Blockstream.

What's newVersion 24.02.2

This updates cln-application to v0.0.5, and lightningd to v24.02.2. cln-application: - bug fix for opening channel - fixed message on the empty transactions channel card - bug fix for RC version compatibility check - added gRPC options on connect wallet - listpeers no longer returns channel, updated the endpoint to listpeerchannels Full cln-application release notes are available at https://github.com/ElementsProject/cln-application/releases/tag/v0.0.4 c-lightning-REST v0.10.5: - plugin.js renamed to clrest.js (required for reckless plugin manager) - allow an option to specify an IP address to bind with the server - bug fix for error on generating new certificates - bug fix for websocket notifications - setchannelfee rpc has been replaced by setchannel (no impact to the developers as REST API signature remains unchanged) - fixed the issue of server failing to initialize if IPV6 is disabled - pay api updated with the latest params - the msat purge - new API endpoint for listpeerchannels rpc - issue in the remote balance calculation fixed - issue in the pending balance calculation fixed - version compatibility check to address BTCPayserver forked version - all available filtering options (invoice, payment hash & offer) for listInvoices api - all CLN filtering options (payment hash & status) for listPays and listPayments apis Full c-lightning-REST release notes are available at https://github.com/Ride-The-Lightning/c-lightning-REST/releases lightningd v24.02.2: - pay route algorithm doesn't bias against our own "expensive" channels any more - pay route algorithm fixed and refined to balance fees and capacity far better - prevents repeating the preapproveinvoice check - gossip feature bit deprecation for LDK compatibility fix - renepay bugfix with situation htlcmax=htlcmin - recover plugin can now detect dataloss and guide you through the recovery process, making emergency recoveries less stressful - logic of the anchor channels has been overhauled and channel fundings and closing should now be more flexible and reliable - dual-funding has been merged into the Lightning Specification! This is a major milestone for more efficient channel management - gossip_store file can now be shared with others, since it no longer contains local unpublished gossip - optimizations in the way we process blocks means that we can sync with the blockchain 50% faster than before - new --no-reconnect-private flag, which tells lightningd not to reconnect private peers. This is useful for service-providers and LSPs if the majority of peers is flaky - newest version of the splicing proposal was implemented Full lightningd release notes are available at https://github.com/ElementsProject/lightning/releases